Castro and Nutmeg Acquisition LLC

Mr. José Castro Carmona is a cooperator of the corporate network of Nutmeg Acquisition LCC and Sevillistas Unidos 2020 SL

United Shareholders of Sevilla FC has received anonymous denunciations, indicating that between the offices of the Sevilla Fútbol Club (SFC) and the real estate agency ARUNCY located in Eduardo Dato Street, linked to  Mr. José Castro Carmona, current president of the SFC, there has been an enormous sale of shares of the SFC.

Due to responsibility with the AFX and due to rigor, United Shareholders SFC has waited for the classification of the team in the UEL and the stop of La Liga, to make public the regrettable actions in which the position of president may have been used for private speculative activities, which are the purchase of SFC shares at a lower price than they actually have.

Since the beginning of August, the anonymous denunciations stopped being them, shareholders of the club showed us their indignation with the lived buying and selling process. The facts, as narrated in writing, occurred after receiving a phone call in the name of the president, José Castro, and for which they understood that the sale of their shares contributed to the stability of the SFC, according to the publicity of the web

We recall that in February, the former presidents Rafael Carrión and Roberto Alés, together with the ex-counselor Francisco Guijarro, presented the platform for the purchase of shares of SFC "Juntos por el Sevilla" saying: "... we offer to buy them at the best possible price, so that they contribute to the stability and good governance of the entity, and not the other way around ". Also, in the online platform, they advertised like this: "... we buy shares of Sevilla FC to give it stability ...".

The sellers of the shares were outraged to check - after receiving the amount at the offices of ARUNCY, a real state intermediate agency under the control of the present President Mr. Castro, without giving them a documentary copy of the contract, only allowing them to photograph it - that the titles had been acquired by a stranger, Mr. Andrés Blázquez Ceballos (resident in Madrid) , as joint representative of "Sevillistas Unidos 2020 SL", and not by Mr. José Castro Carmona.

As we explained in the report published on our website, under the title Who is behind?, the voracious purchase of SFC shares led to the creation of a series of companies whose owners hide under an LLC registered in the state of Delaware (USA) and named Nutmeg Acquisition, where the anonymity of its owners is allowed.

We recall that on June 1, 2018, the appointment of Mr. Andrés Blázquez Ceballos was registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, as joint representative of Triple Siete Acquisiciones SLU, a company that a week later would be renamed Sevillistas Unidos 2020 SL. The empowerment of Mr. Blázquez Ceballos, as stated in the literal certification, empowers him to

A. "Extend checks with funds from the account owned by TRIPLE SIETE ACQUISICIONES SLU opened in Caixabank, with which to pay the price and any other expense, derived from the sale and purchase of shares of the entity SEVILLA FC SAD, by TRIPLE SIETE ACQUISITIONS SLU ".

B. To carry out in the same manner, any related or complementary acts that are convenient for the complete fulfillment of the mandate received. "
With this it is demonstrated, that the only corporate purpose of this corporate network owned by Nutmeg Acquisition LLC is the purchase of shares of the SFC. Given the disturbing news that capital outside Seville could be positioning itself in the shareholders of the SFC, the large shareholders have kept an alarming silence before the requirement of United Shareholders to sign the ·PACT FOR SEVILLA" with which the SFC shall be shielded.

After our investigation and together with the reports of the received denunciations, we understand that some of the current majority shareholders of the SFC is or are related to these companies and it is clear that the current president, Mr. José Castro Carmona, is a cooperator of this corporate network.

Given the seriousness of these events, Shareholders United will convene for Tuesday 18 at 8:30 p.m. an Assembly of the minority shareholders that have grouped with us to deal with this matter and decide the actions to be taken.

Seville, September 5th, 2018

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